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"I use it in airplane seats and it keeps my back from cinching up... I find I can correct minor misalignments before they become major..." -- Allen Stone, Irving, TX

3. What are facets and why are facets important?

BackMaster - Facet Joints and it's care.

Facet joints control the movement of the spine. Just as your car's wheel alignment can be changed by bumps in the road, facet joints can also be pushed or pulled out of position by injury and/or strained movement to ligaments and muscles of the back and neck.

Without realignment, you get abnormal wear and tear on your tires as well as a rough ride. Likewise until the facet joints are realigned, the pain from muscle spasm, strained ligaments and muscle tissues persists.

"I was thrown off a horse and injured my back and neck. Working at my computer or sitting in meetings for a long time was very painful. A lot of times I couldn’t get to sleep or stay asleep. No amount of ice or muscle relaxants helped. But since my doctor recommended the BackMaster devices I have been able to treat my pain right when it begins - even in the middle of the night. I use both devices at the same time and in only a few minutes my back relaxes and the pain subsides." -- A. McClintock, St. Louis MO

BackMaster Devices® will not cure illnesses such as cancer or osteomyelitis, nor will the devices repair fractures. Consult with physician before use.

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