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Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Back

After you treat yourself with BackMaster, your facet joints and ligaments are returned to their normal functioning position. Without your pain you will be tempted to overdo. But your ligaments, which hold the joints in the correct position, will still be weak and need 3 months to heal. So be cautious, don't overdo. Following these Do's and Don'ts will help you maintain a healthy back.



• Walk for 15 minutes at your normal pace at least once a day.

• Take frequent breaks from prolonged sitting. Get up and move around every thirty (30) minutes.

• Sit in firm, straight-back chairs with seats that are absolutely level from side to side. The back should be approximately ninety degrees to the bottom. (Example - cane-back, cane-bottom rocking chairs.)

• Make sure your car seat doesn't lean you back on your tail bone. Look for a car with straight-back seats (no curves).

• Wear shock-absorbing shoes at all times so there is no vertical pounding on the spine.

• Lift properly - keep back straight while lifting. Use bent arms and bent legs to lift. Keep feet pointed in the same direction in which you are lifting or setting an object down.
• Don't read in bed or sit on anything that slumps you back on your tailbone. Don't jerk on stuck doors or drawers. This will cause pain between shoulder blades. (Make repairs so they will open and close easily.)

• Don't clench your teeth. Keep teeth separated 1/32nd of an inch. (Clenching locks the entire body preventing it from moving properly.)

• Don't bend at the waist to do anything.

• Don't twist your body left or right while lifting, carrying, or setting an object down. Have your feet pointing in the same direction you are lifting. (Examples: loading the dishwasher or moving wet clothes from washer to dryer.)

• Don't use heating pads longer than ten minutes at one time. If you use heat, alternate with cold for equal amounts of time. Start with heat and end with heat (hot-cold-hot). Long-term heat will increase the inflammation and produce swelling.

• Don't sleep on a mattress (or anything else) that has a sway.
-- Dr. Conrad A. Speece

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