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"I use it in airplane seats and it keeps my back from cinching up... I find I can correct minor misalignments before they become major..." -- Allen Stone, Irving, TX

BackMaster FAQ

Q1. How do I use the BackMaster system?

A. It's simple to use!

  1. Identify the area of pain. Choose the blue lumbar device for pain in the lower back area (where the back sways) and the purple thoracic device for mid-to-upper back pain.
  2. Place the appropriate BackMaster device on the area that hurts, so that your spine is being cradled in the notch of the device.
  3. Lie down on the device on the floor or bed and simply relax for 15-20 minutes letting the BackMaster work with your body to relieve your back pain.

Q2. Can I use the BackMaster while I'm sitting up?

A. Yes. BackMaster was designed to be used lying down but it has also been found to be effective while being used sitting. It is very convenient to use - it works while driving, working at your computer, sitting in an airplane, or in any chair, the firmer the better. Simply place the device on the spot that hurts, lean back and relax.

Q3. I just have pain in my lower back, do I need both BackMaster devices?

A. The dual, lumbar and thoracic, system insures that both sections of the back are brought into harmony. The lumbar device alone will realign the lower facet joints and relieve pain. But as the lumbar spine straightens out the thoracic region has to straighten to maintain a balanced position. So you may find you need to use the thoracic device as well.

Q4. Can I use both BackMaster devices at the same time?

A. Yes. If you have painful areas in both the upper and lower back you can save time by using both the lumbar and the thoracic devices at the same time.

Q5. Can I lie down on the BackMaster too long?

A. No. The main thing to remember is to stay on the device long enough to get a release. Sometimes people get up before the BackMaster has had time to do its job.

Q6. If I have a herniated disc can I use the BackMaster system?

A. Yes. You can use the BackMaster but it will not correct your herniated disc. Nor will the devices cure fractures or cancer. They will facilitate a release of a sprained or strained back.

Q7. What if I use the BackMaster and I don't feel it is helping me?

A. Simply return it within 60 days and you will receive a full refund with no questions asked. Your feedback will be welcome.

Q8. How often can I use BackMaster?

A. Anytime back pain strikes.

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