Only $19.95 for Thoracic Device

Set of Thoracic and Lumbar Devices - only $39.95
Anyone Can Use BackMaster - Anytime, Anywhere

"I use it in airplane seats and it keeps my back from cinching up... I find I can correct minor misalignments before they become major..." -- Allen Stone, Irving, TX

2. What can be the source of chronic back pain?

Many people only treat the first layer of the problem - the muscle spasm - with ice, heat, pressure point devices, and medication. These may provide temporary relief - but you won't get lasting relief until you treat the heart of the problem - improperly aligned facet joints. With BackMaster, truly unique therapeutic devices, you are able to correct back problems by directly treating joints, and the attaching muscles, ligaments, and connective tissue - stopping the cycle of pain.

BackMaster DevicesĀ® will not cure illnesses such as cancer or osteomyelitis, nor will the devices repair fractures. Consult with physician before use.

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